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The following link is courtesy of the Torrance County Assessor and Rural Addressing Offices. This site is designed to provide a vast amount of data on properties located in Torrance County, New Mexico. Examples include ownership and assessment information on parcels. Please use either Internet Exporer or Firefox. Click Here.

Please Note: The data is updated 3 times every calendar year;

January 1st, April 1st & October 1st

Do not hesitate to call the following numbers with any further questions: Assessor's Office at 505-544-4300 or Rural Addressing at 505-544-4344.


The County Assessor's Office values property (which includes real property; manufactured homes; corporate property; livestock; and business personal property) in order to fund the cost of local government (Torrance County, the Town of Estancia, Mountainair, Willard, Encino and the City of Moriarty) and the public school districts (Estancia, Moriarty-Edgewood and Mountainair), emergency services (sheriff, fire departments and ambulance), and special taxing districts (East Torrance, Claunch Pinto, Carrizozo and Edgewood Soil and Water Conservation Districts).

What We Do

Accept & process reports from property owners.

  • List and identify location of property.
  • Collect, analyze and interpret market and cost trends.
  • We DO NOT tax your property, but value it for property tax purposes.
  • Value property in conformance with professional standards of the International Association of Assessing Officers and the laws of the State of New Mexico.
  • Apply state laws that exempt certain properties and also allow for lower values for long term residential property owners.
  • Report to the property owner the value of their property through the Notice of Value in April annually.
  • Defend the value placed on the property at the Valuation Protest Board.
  • Please remember the assessor's office cannot perfom title searches; you need to contact a local title company to perform a title search of your property.


Betty Cabber - County Assessor (2015-2018) ~ 505-544-4330 - Email

Jesse Lucero - Deputy Assessor ~ 505-544-4320 - Email

Nick E. Sedillo - NM Certified Chief Appraiser ~ 505-544-4310 - Email

Greg Richard - NM Certified Appraiser ~ 505-544--4305 - Email

H. Geno Jones - Customer Service Representative ~ 505-544-4301 - Email

Bill Holt - NM Certified Appraiser ~ 505-544-4306 - Email

Victoria Sedillo - Office Manager/Business Personal Property/Livestock ~ 505-544-4303 - Email

D’aun Zamora - Property Deed Clerk ~ 505-544-4302 - Email

Ray Cullin - CAMA/Database Administrator ~ 505-544-4347 - Email

Crystal Garcia - Reappraisal Clerk ~ 505-544-4304 - Email

Juan Morales - Appraiser Apprentice ~ 505-544-4307 - Email

Ruben Gastelum - GIS-GPS Analyst/Rural Addressing ~ 505-544-4344 - Email
Rural Addressing - For more information - Click Here

Torrance County Assessors Office
PO BOX 258
205 S 9th Street
Estancia New Mexico, 87016

Phone: (505) 544-4300
Fax: (505) 384-4362
Monday - Thursday 7:30am to 5:30pm

Betty Cabber


Jesse Lucero

Example Of Calculating Applicable Tax

The Estimated Property Tax Levy is calculated using the stated price and estimates of the applicable tax rates. The County Assessor is required by law to value the property at its current and correct value, which may differ from the listed price. Further the estimated tax rates may be higher or lower than those that will actually be imposed. Accordingly, the actual Property Tax levied may be higher or lower than the estimated amount. New Mexico law requires your real estate Broker or agent to provide you an Estimate Property Tax Levy on the Property on which you have submitted or intend to submit an Offer to Purchase. Torrance County Assessor having complied with these disclosure requirements shall be immune from liability arising from suit relating to the Estimated Property Tax Levy.

Full Value Of Property Total Assessed Value $ 100,000
Calculate Taxable Value Total Assessed Value / 3
$ 100,000 / 3
$ 33,333
Subtract Exemptions Head of Family = $ 2,000
Veterans Exemption = $ 4,000
$2,000 + $4,0000 = $ 6,000
- $ 6,000
Net Taxable Value   $ 27,333
Calculate Total Taxes Owed Net Taxable Value x Mil Rate
$ 27,333 x 0.026507
$ 724.52

Click Here “Tax Rates 2015-2014 Comparision" (PDF) for all tax rates in Torrance County.

Click Here For More Information on Obtaining a "Tax-Release" for Manufactured Housing

Important Department Downloads

pdf-file2015 NM Assessor Map Data Contacts.pdf482 KB
pdf-file2015 NM Assessors.pdf387 KB
pdf-file2016 Agricultural Land Application.pdf526 KB
pdf-file2016 Application for Over 65 Low Income Disable Form.pdf326 KB
pdf-file2016 Livestock Form Final.pdf83 KB
pdf-file2016 New Mexico Business Personal Property Combined REVISED 11-25-15.pdf214 KB
pdf-file2016 Petition For Protesting Values Form.pdf80 KB
pdf-fileAffordable Housing Valuation Adjustment Application Form.pdf250 KB
pdf-fileApplication for Certificate of Eligibility for Veterans or Disabled Veteran Property Waiver.pdf60 KB
pdf-fileApplication for Veteran Service Organization Property Tax Exemption.pdf193 KB
pdf-fileChange of Address Request Form Updated.pdf26 KB
pdf-fileClaim for Exemption of Property Nongovernmental Entities.pdf96 KB
pdf-fileEstimated Property Tax Levy Information Revised 11 2014.pdf44 KB
pdf-fileHead Of Family Household Exemption Application 2015.pdf69 KB
pdf-fileHow To Estimate Your Property Taxes.pdf59 KB
pdf-fileInformation Guide Converting Your Manufactured Home to Real Property (2).pdf1.087 KB
pdf-fileManufactured Home Reporting Form.pdf60 KB
pdf-fileNew Mexico Property Tax Rate Boundaries_Dec2010.pdf484 KB
pdf-fileNM-Property-Tax-Net-Taxable-Value-by-County-2014.pdf296 KB
pdf-filePublic Request For Data-Combo Form and Price Sheet 2015-06-22.pdf60 KB
pdf-fileReal Property Transfer Declaration Affidavit Form.pdf190 KB
pdf-fileResidential Construction Reporting Form.pdf78 KB
pdf-fileResolution Establishing Fees for Information 2002-09.pdf157 KB
pdf-fileRural Addressing 2013.pdf77 KB
pdf-fileRural Addressing Ordinance NO.97-6.pdf283 KB
pdf-fileStatement of Adjusted Value Affordable Housing Valuation Adjustment Form.pdf165 KB
pdf-fileTax Rate Comparison 2014 2013.pdf14 KB
pdf-fileTax Rate Comparison 2015-2014.pdf14 KB
pdf-fileTax Rates 2012-2011 Comparison.pdf99 KB
pdf-fileTax Rates 2013-2012 Comparison.pdf98 KB
pdf-fileTax Release Requirements For Manufactured Housing.pdf82 KB
pdf-fileTorrance County Ordinance 97-1.pdf145 KB
pdf-fileTorrance County Zone Map Draft 10132009.pdf953 KB


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