County Clerk

The County Clerk serves ex-officio as recorder of their respective counties. The Clerk is the chief officer responsible for the administration of elections in the county. The Clerk has numerous duties associated with the Probate Court. As ex-officio clerk of the County Commission, the County Clerk is to attend sessions of the board, to keep the seals, and record of the proceedings, resolutions and the decisions on all questions concerning the raising of money. The clerk is to sign all orders issued by the board and is to keep and preserve and file all accounts and actions of the Board of County Commission.




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Linda Jaramillo - Torrance County Clerk (2013-2016) - Email
Linda Kayser - Deputy Clerk - Email
Yvonne Otero - Administrative Assistant
Sylvia Chavez - Secretary

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Torrance County Clerk's Office
PO BOX 767
205 9th Street
Estancia, NM 87016

Phone: (505) 544-4350
Fax:(505) 384-4080




Recording Requirements

Real Estate Documents
All documents must have original signature, notary seal and date of notary expiration. Correct fee must accompany document or it will be returned unrecorded. Recording space of at least 2x3 for our recording information must be allowed.The only documents that do not require a notary are: LIS Pendent, Buck's, Federal Tax Lien, release (IRS)

Marriage Licenses
To obtain a marriage license both parties must be present and be 18 years of age or older. Sufficient ID must be provided such as driver's license, birth certificate or passport to satisfy the identity and qualifications to receive a marriage licese. Anyone under the age of 18 shall first receive the written consent of each of the minor's parents as shown on the minor's birth certificate or a judicial authorization by the district court upon request of a parent or legal guardian is presented to the county clerk. Fee for marriage license is $25.00

UCC's –Financing Statements
Only real estate filings will be recorded at Torrance County, all others will be filed at the secretary of state's office. All statements must be on correct standard page or a double fee shall be charged. Legal description must be on all documents. Book and page will be allowed. Correct fee must be included, if a shortage occurs, we will return document unrecorded. Any over payment shall be kept.

Business Registration

We require a business registration if you are doing business in an unincorporated area of the County which is anything outside of a Municipality.    If your business is within a Municipality such as Encino, Estancia, Moriarty, Mountainair or Willard you would need to purchase your registration with that particular Municipality.  If your business is in the County’s unincorporated area you would purchase the registration with the Torrance County Clerk.  The fee for the registration is $35.00.  

The fee is pro-rated
            July – September     $35.00
            October – December $26.50
            January – March       $17.50
            April – June             $8.75

To apply for the registration you would need to fill out our information form.  Click here for form.  

We require a New Mexico Tax ID number.  You can apply for it on line at  We also issue Tax ID numbers but they must be done in person.  

After the forms have been completed our Planning and Zoning Office needs to sign the form.  Planning and Zoning’s phone number is 505-544-4390 they can answer any question you may have about their requirements for your business.

A renewal will be sent to you on June 30 for the annual fee of $35.00 which will be due before July 30.  


We require a business registration for special events the fee is $8.75.  Click here for special event form.

Probate (See Probate Judge Page) - Click Here
If the deed is in joint tenants, no probate is needed, just record the death certificate. Probate fees must be included. An original or certified death certificate and a will, if available must be included. All documents recorded for purpose of probate will stay in the county file.

Faxing, and Mailing Copies
Any and all request must be in written form. We need a book and page along with the correct fees.

2016 Primary and General Election Information

Important Department Downloads

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pdf-file2016.01.13Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.345 KB
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pdf-file2016.01.27 Final Commission Minutes.pdf1.509 KB
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pdf-file2016.02.29 Final Special Meeting Minutes.pdf769 KB
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pdf-fileAbsentee In Person & Alternate Site Location & Dates & Times of Voting.pdf96 KB
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