County Treasurer

The Office of the County Treasurer functions are to collect taxes that are levied, in whole or in part and distribute to the appropriate entities. Tax Bills are mailed out once a year on November 1st. For more information please see the link on this page; "Property Tax Information". As your County Treasurer I am required to hold a board of finance meeting every quarter. This meeting is conducted in front of the County Commission to account for monies received or invested. The Treasurer's department is also required to balance the books out monthly and have reports out to the other departments and Commission by the 15th of every month.


Janice Y. Barela - County Treasurer (2014-2017) - Email
Tracy L. Sedillo - Chief Deputy Treasurer - Email
Carol Aragon - Manufactured Home Tax Recovery Assoc. 
Joyce Martinez - Senior Public Asst.
Juan Morales - Public Asst.
Amanda Long - Public Asst.

Torrance County Treasurer
PO BOX 318
205 9th Street
Estancia, New Mexico, 87016

Phone: (505) 246-4787
Fax: (505) 384-4381
Monday - Thursday 7:30am to 4:30pm

For Online Payments Please Scroll Down and Look For ACCOUNT ACCESS

Janice Y. Barela - County Treasurer

Tracy L. Sedillo - Chief Deputy Treasurer

Example Of Calculating Applicable Tax

The Estimated Property Tax Levy is calculated using the stated price and estimates of the applicable tax rates. The County Assessor is required by law to value the property at its current and correct value, which may differ from the listed price. Further the estimated tax rates may be higher or lower than those that will actually be imposed. Accordingly, the actual Property Tax levied may be higher or lower than the estimated amount. New Mexico law requires your real estate Broker or agent to provide you an Estimate Property Tax Levy on the Property on which you have submitted or intend to submit an Offer to Purchase. Torrance County Assessor having complied with these disclosure requirements shall be immune from liability arising from suit relating to the Estimated Property Tax Levy.

Full Value Of Property Total Assessed Value $ 100,000
Calculate Taxable Value Total Assessed Value / 3
$ 100,000 / 3
$ 33,333
Subtract Exemptions Head of Family = $ 2,000
Veterans Exemption = $ 4,000
$2,000 + $4,0000 = $ 6,000
- $ 6,000
Net Taxable Value $ 27,333
Calculate Total Taxes Owed Net Taxable Value x Mil Rate
$ 27,333 x 0.026507
$ 724.52

Click Here “Tax Rates 2014-2013 Comparision" (PDF) for all tax rates in Torrance County.

ACCOUNT ACCESS - CLICK HERE Delinquent Taxes: Any payments made here will be applied in the following order as is applicable: State Cost, penalty, interest, oldest tax bills, then current bill. (State Statute 7-38-42 NMSA 1978). Delinquent Manufactured Homes DO NOT pay online please call 505-246-4787.

Click Here For More Information on Obtaining a "Tax Release" for Manufactured Housing

Important Department Downloads

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