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Torrance County Project Office

Domestic Violence Services


End-Domestic-ViolenceFor 24 hour assistance with domestic violence situations, please call 705-0925.

For assistance and information please call Domestic Violence Specialist Coordinator,

Crisis hotline 505-705-0925

We offer Legal Advocacy

We can advise domestic violence victims of their legal rights and responsibilities, assist them with completing an Order For Protection through the court and attend the hearing with them. If need be we can also assist our victims in obtaining legal assistance through NM legal aid. 

Victim Counseling

We will be starting a Womens Empowerment class that will be held once a week at the TCPO Building, in Estancia. We can also refer victims for more of a one on one counseling when needed and desired. For those without insurance, feel free to inquire about our state assistance insurance program.

Offender Services

We offer the HEAL Program, A Group counseling for batterers and offenders which meet weekly with seperate men's and women's groups being offered.

24 hour hotline 505-705-0925. 



Home Visiting Program

ptaTorrance County Home Visiting Program is prevention-promotion program. The program is offered on a voluntary basis to families who are expecting a baby or have children under the age of three. The program is offered without regard to income level. This program is FREE!

Our Vision:

New Mexico families are supported to raise children who are healthy, happy and successful.

How can we help?

We can support families in helping their children be ready for kindergarten and much more!

What we do...

  • Come see you at the convenience of your own home
  • Offer support and listen to you and what you have to say
  • Answer questions about your baby's development
  • Help connect you with resources in the community
  • Provide fun events for you and your baby

Benefits of home visiting...

  • Support you, your baby and your family's well-being
  • Better understand how your baby lets you know what she wants
  • Discover ways to use your relationship with your baby to support his development
  • Better understand the baby blues

Research shows...

  • What a child experiences in his first years of life makes a big difference in how his brain will develop and how he will interact with the world throughout his life.
  • Nurturing parent –infant/toddler interactions are critical to the development of a secure attachment, best possible development in all areas of functioning, and is associated with greater success during the school years.



300 S. 8th Street
Estancia, NM 
PO Box 48
Estancia, NM 87016

Hours 7:30AM - 5:30PM
Monday - Thursday

Anna Martinez
Domestic Violence Services Coordinator


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