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Nov 14, 2019

East Mountain CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is receiving an award from FEMA Region 6 and the State Office of Homeland Security




I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of the East Mountain CERT Group, and on this very deserving award.

Emergency Management is a whole community approach, and can only be successful with people who embrace a culture of service to others.   The East Mountain CERT  Group embodies that mission of service.

The members of this group give their own time, without want for thanks or appreciation, although they are deserving of both.

As the Emergency Manager for Torrance County, I can tell you that they are a vital part of how we as a community respond to, and recover from, a disaster or emergency.

I would also like to thank former Emergency Manager Martin Lucero, who recommended the CERT Group during his time in the position.

I extend my sincere appreciation for their continued service, their cooperation and their friendship.

Congratulations on receiving this award.  There is no group more fitting for this honor.


~Matt Propp, Emergency Manager 

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